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North Sulawesi is home to some of the most diverse diving in the world. Being located directly in the middle of the coral triangle, the biodiversity of coral and marine life is more than incredible to explore. With more than a hundred dive sites in our direct region, your diving options are unlimited.


Welcome to Pulisan Diving! A small & cozy dive center off the beaten path in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Sitting in a primitive location and catering to effortless accessibility to pristine dive areas.

North Sulawesi offers some very much intriguing dive experiences. Pulisan Diving is open all year ’round. The prime diving window for North Sulawesi will start in April and end around September (High Season). The pulse beats a little slower from October to March during the rainy season, but that does not slow down many dive enthusiasts. Water temperatures hang around 27℃ to 29℃ with the odd thermocline that drops to 23℃ to 26℃.

Pulisan Resort Diving Indonesia

At Pulisan Diving, we strive on enduring a safe dive environment. Focusing on the wellbeing of our diving customers, we make sure you are well taken care of on land, on the surface and below the surface. Our certified dive guides are there to reinforce your safety and that you enjoy your overall dive experience with Pulisan Diving.

Pulisan Diving offers in depth dive training services with SSI & PADI. Dive Introductions, Dive Courses, Refreshers, Specialties, we can do it all! Start easy and take the plunge with Discover Scuba Diving and acquaint yourself with the sea. Maybe make the commitment to being a lifelong diver and achieve your Open Water Diver Certification or continue your dive training and enhance your skills by attaining your Advanced Open Water Certification. Yet, feel more comfortable and confident in new dive gear from Mares &  Aqua Lung. At Pulisan Diving, we are here to assist you in reaching the level you aspire to.

pulisan diving indonesia
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“This is really the place I will bring my kids back to when they are old enough to dive and I would feel very comfortable taking them out on the boat together with Lee and his crew. I am looking forward to sharing this beautiful underwater world with them.” – Marcel


Pulisan Diving is located in the heart of three distinctive dive regions: The Lembeh Strait / Pulau Bangka /  The North Sulawesi Cap.

Pulisan Resort - Lembeh


Indulge yourself in macro heaven along the black sand of the Lembeh Strait while seeking out its underwater secrets. Acknowledged as one of the best muck diving areas in the world, Lembeh is home to an array of marine life underwater photographers dream of.

While diving in Lembeh, be on the lookout for the creepy critters scouring the sea bed: Hairy Frog Fish, Mimic Octopus, Stargazers, Nudibranchs, Seahorses, Flamboyant Cuttle Fish, Ornate Pipefish, Gurnards, Scorpionfish and so much more. With only thirty five boat minutes from Pulisan Resort, we can have you rolled in, descending and playing in the muck.

Pulisan Resort - Bangka - Blue Reef


Almost a stone-throw away from Pulisan Resort, Pulau Bangka lingers around the corner waiting to put a little more color in your diving day. Intact with colorful soft coral, pinnacles, muck dives and alluring reefs, Pulau Bangka is high on our radar for daily dive trips. Keep those masks clear and your eyes open on the lookout for Dugongs, White Tip Reef Sharks, Pygmy Seahorses and Frog Fish. Fifteen boat minutes with Pulisan Diving, and you’re acquainted with the beauty of Bangka.

Pulisan Resort - NS Cap - Red Reef


The north east coast of Sulawesi is littered with amazing dive sites. Beautiful reefs glistening with a spectrum of color, pinnacles with great visibility, gentle slopes, sandy bottoms, walls & drop-offs and following suit with the area, a presentation of diversified marine life.  All within fifteen boat minutes from Pulisan Resort.



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pulisan resort indonesia
pulisan resort indonesia

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