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Thirty boat minutes from Pulisan Resort you can step off the boat and explore the flora and fauna of the lower rainforest of the Tangkoko Nature Reserve. Home to Crested Black Macaque (native to North Sulawesi), the Spectral Tarsier, Cuscus Bear, Hornbills and an array of plant life. A great way to spend your morning.

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Jet-set from Pulisan Resort for a day filled cruise through the Minahasa Highlands. Make way to the fertile Minahasa vegetable farming villages then take a scenery filled panoramic road with great views of Mount Klabat and the Moluccan Sea. Your journey will continue to Tomohon where you can search the market for the odd and obscure. Your journey will continue with many more stops before making your way back home to the beautiful beach at Pulisan Resort.

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If you haven’t explored the surface below with a tank on your back … grab your mask, snorkel and fins, jump on our boat and delve into a sea filled with lush corals and marine life. Join us on a daily booked trip to either Bangka Island or around the North Sulawesi Cap. You will not be disappointed as North Sulawesi offers a neighbourhood of snorkel locations and pristine beaches where you can dissolve your time and make it a day of sun, sand and sea.

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pulisan resort indonesia
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